The Paramus Police Reserve Unit, established over 40 years ago, is one of the oldest Volunteer Auxiliary Police Units in the State of New Jersey. The unit can support up to 25 Reserve Officers who enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of the police department. All of the Reserve Officers hold regular every day jobs, but still wish to donate some of their time to the Borough of Paramus.

The primary function of the Reserve Officer is to assist the regular Police Department wherever and whenever needed. Officers provide assistance with traffic and crowd control during parades and special events, as well as weather emergencies. The Paramus Police Reserve Unit was deployed during Hurricane Floyd and assisted neighboring towns as well as conducted evacuations within the borough.

The Reserve force also provides the department with extra manpower that can be deployed quickly for critical incidents and other situations that require more officers than would otherwise be available. As times have changed, and as the community has grown, the duties of the Police Reserve Officers have increased. The Reserve Officers have been used for securing crime scenes, searching for missing or wanted persons, traffic control at accident scenes and providing for security of buildings and property.

Substance Abuse Alliance – Paramus Quality Time Comprehensive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service is available at no cost to adolescents and their families who reside in the Borough of Paramus. Services may include assessment/ consultation/ referral sessions; alcohol and substance abuse screening; psychiatric evaluation; 24-hour access and emergency service; outreach and follow-up services. The center is located at 610 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus – 201-986-5000.